Just the facts

A survivor of youth, only to end up with Peter Pan syndrome.

I’m outspoken, informed, passionate and practical. I know the difference between right and wrong,  but don’t always make the right decisions. I’m not easily provoked and rarely totally involved. I’ve never taken life too seriously, for fear that it could drain the fun out of it. I’m inquisitive almost to a fault and that’s one of my better qualities.

I’m socially aware without the dreaded responsibility of being politically correct. If I spent all of my time worrying about other people’s feelings, I fear I might neglect my own. If you are hyper-sensitive or easily offended – this blog might not be for you. If you follow blindly and repeat everything you hear…no matter how absurd – this blog might not be for you. If you have no moral structure or code of ethics, if you lack the courage of your own convictions – this blog might not be for you. And if you stand for nothing and will fall for anything – this blog is NOT for you.

However…If you’re not afraid of controversial subject matter, willing to challenge the status quo, passionate for political accountability,  not guided by insecure faith, intolerant of bigotry, racism or homophobia and understand the necessity of political awareness…stick around, you might be the person I’ve been searching for my entire life.


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